Willow weaving workshop success

17 Oct

Inspire students created a magnificent flying deer creature with artist Martin Brockman in a full day workshop this week.
Inspired by Martin’s drawing which brought together the students ideas of a winged creature of hope and in spite of the challenging (to put it mildly) weather conditions, the students braved the great wet outdoors to collect trimmings and strip the branches of leaves to begin the frame of the deer.
When the rain became too much and we were soaked through, we relocated inside to work on some smaller pieces, creatures representing the evil and dark materials flying out of Pandora’s box, the deer representing a beautiful winged creature of hope.



Using natural materials, the students created a range of different mythically inspired creatures before finishing their deer sculpture and attaching them together. The deer stands proudly of the entrance to our school as a reminder of what can be accomplished with perseverance, hard work and team work.
Big thank you to Martin Brockman and well done to all the students!



Willow Weaving Workshop

23 Sep


On 16th of October we will be delighted to welcome Martin Brockman to our school to show our students how to create sculptures from natural woodland resources. Inspire students will benefit from the many, well documented benefits of working hands on, outside and as a group to create beautiful artwork which will contribute to our exhibition / show themed around Pandora’ s box.

Letters will be issued next week with more information.



(image 1 courtesy of http://www.emmastothard.com, another fabulous artist, image 2 shows Martin Brockman’s workshop from http://www.icouldreadthesky.com)

The Way the world is…

23 Sep

A story inspired by current affairs, Pandora’s box, and ‘The Dictator’ by Charlie Chaplin.
Words by Lacy Streeter – a year 9 Inspire Student. What a great effort Lacy well done for all your focus and hard work today.

 By Lacy Streeter

By Lacy Streeter

Hopeful Story

23 Sep

Beautiful piece, written by Zach Connell, Inspired by the story of Pandora’s box.

Nominated for STAR of the week – Well done Zach great work!


By Zach Connell

By Zach Connell

Another smasher of a session

23 Sep

post it

Another smashing session for Year 9 Inspire students today. We kicked off with some more creative writing using the Barber speech from ‘The Dictator’ which is a rallying cry for sustaining hope and strength of optimism in the face of war, greed and suffering.
After writing their own monologues, students combined them into one script and developed movement to music – an original score develope specifically for them by Bebe Bentley.
I am proud of the work produced today – especially the performance of the work at the end to Mr. Yates – such focus and energy. The students were proud too – here are the post it notes of what students felt they had achieved today.

Hate Released

9 Sep


I am running through a field, a dark cloud is glooming over the hills. I am now sprinting to my destination, before time runs out.

Pandora is clear in my vision now. I can see her in the distance, she slowly moves her hand towards the latch to reveal the hate inside. She hesitates as the box jumps. All of the darkness inside, synchronised in movement. Suddenly a cloud of smoke escapes the box, roaring as it does so narrowly brushing my ear.

Hate released. The cloud of smoke rising in the air, surrounding the field, and the touching the moon. Around now, you can see people starting to fade, smiles beginning to disappear and shouting is heard in the distance. Hate begins to take over.

Hope is what we need to conquer hate forever.

By Zach Connell, Year 9

The anger of the gods

9 Sep


I am filled with anger from the Gods, my soul gets tortured, imprisoned from the gods. The ungrateful gods who have used my spirit.

I give the world anger. A natural instinct. I will boil Zeus’s heart with my fiery spirit.

Pandora…ahh. I see her through the light. She is opening the box. I can see her beautiful hair and lovely blue eyes. She looks like she is the daughter of a god. Zeus!!

I will roam and fill his people full of anger and then turn on him.

Suddenly I breathe in the air. It is a lovely day. A lovely day to rain terror.

The sounds of children playing, people laughing, the smell of food coming from a neat row of homes. This is too good. Zeus is ruining the world and he doesn’t even know it. I can see a lady cooking, the smell is opening the world up in front of my eyes. Her beautiful hands, kneeding the soft dough…This is utterly awful and wonderful.

Hope must not fix what I shall do!

By Peter Wase