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Willow weaving workshop success

17 Oct

Inspire students created a magnificent flying deer creature with artist Martin Brockman in a full day workshop this week.
Inspired by Martin’s drawing which brought together the students ideas of a winged creature of hope and in spite of the challenging (to put it mildly) weather conditions, the students braved the great wet outdoors to collect trimmings and strip the branches of leaves to begin the frame of the deer.
When the rain became too much and we were soaked through, we relocated inside to work on some smaller pieces, creatures representing the evil and dark materials flying out of Pandora’s box, the deer representing a beautiful winged creature of hope.



Using natural materials, the students created a range of different mythically inspired creatures before finishing their deer sculpture and attaching them together. The deer stands proudly of the entrance to our school as a reminder of what can be accomplished with perseverance, hard work and team work.
Big thank you to Martin Brockman and well done to all the students!