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Portraits 3

25 Mar


Cerise Parry’s portrait photography


Portrait Photography

25 Mar




Pictures of Nathan Cassidy taken by Adam Palmer
Brilliant portrait photography skills focussing on angles!

Portrait photography

25 Mar


IMG_5797 - Version 2

Excellent portraits by y8 Inspire using a digital Canon camera focusing on using close up and capturing personality or a fictional story – these were taken by Adam Palmer featuring Benn Tyson


22 Mar

On Wednesday 27th March at 3.30 in P30, there will be book launch in which Inspire students discuss and present their work from this term. There will be an opportunity to order a copy of the original art work and creative writing in the form of a hard back or soft bound book.
We hope you can join us at this exciting event!

Grey taps and grey water – By Ellie Swain

6 Mar


I look out of my window in the morning. I see trees blowing through the wind lightly,and fences, grey fences, that have leaves stuck to them and spray painting on it. A broken trampoline sits, ruined, in the wind. It’s not very strong and has a hole in the middle. I can see a shed with lots of useless old stuff in it, crammed full, windows made of plastic and broken.
I move out of my bed slowly and start to walk down the stairs. I step on something sharp, it was bits of a bone. I sweep it off my foot and carry on walking down stairs. As I step down the last step I see the mess around the house but think nothing of it – that’s normal. I take a breath and walk into the dark kitchen and turn the tap on. I see the grey water coming out of the grey tap and I head to the cabinet and reach up to get a glass. I put the glass under the running water, then hear a loud bang. I turn around.