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Gold medallist Tim Prendergast visits Inspire students

15 May



Tim Prendergast visited Inspire students today as part of Sky Sports Living for Sport Change Your Game programme.

He spoke about his ambitions as a child, before losing his sight, and tracked the highs and lows of his athletics career. Students were enthralled as he spoke about winning the Gold medal in Athens and felt inspired by his story of wanting to give up when he lost out on the medals in Beijing but finding faith in himself agin through the power of positive thought. Students also reflected that being the best you can be and ‘running the best race you can’ was more important than winning the medal. 

A variety of activities (including the rope of fear and guess the celebrity relay) encouraged students to think creatively and as a team, as well as improve communication and organisation skills. 


At the end of the session Tim was asked what the best piece of advice he had every been given was. He said “making one small change in your life, makes a massive difference to the outcome of it. Just by thinking positively and approaching things with a positive attitude, you will achieve more.”

Here’s a great photo of the group and of the gold medal too – which all the students were allowed to try on and hold – a very special day!


Photos have been sent on to local press and we look forward to seeing the story in print soon! Thanks to Tim and well done to all those who came along and got involved. 



2 May


Inspire students have been thinking about the hard work, drive and motivation needed for success prior to our visiting Paralympic athlete visit this month. As part of this work we considered what ambition students had when they were younger, perhaps at Primary school. For most of them this was crystal  clear and highly memorable. For many, they had either lost the desire to pursue this ambition or no longer thought it was possible. 

Students spent some time considering where they would like to be if they could see 10 years into the future. What job they would like to have and what else they would like to have achieved. 

We split up the goals and ambitions into:

I will: (writing down and committing to an achievable but challenging goal that requires dedication and hard work – e.g. pass three A Levels, attend University, become a professional writer)

I hope to: (writing down a dream, a ‘make your life’ goal – e.g. find the cure for a terminal illness, be the next world champion)

I might also: (things that may also happen as part of this plan – e.g. travel extensively, make a difference to others).

These ambitions were sealed in envelopes to be opened during the GCSE preparation as a reminder for why we work so hard in school and what it is all for.

So impressed with the bravery and honesty shown in this week’s session. Especially (but not exclusively) from the Year Nines. Wow. You guys are really growing up – and into really nice people!

A good week

2 May


Well done to the two students on the Inspire course that I spoke to this week for having the best week for the whole of this academic year so far in terms of credits earned, attendance and lack of behaviour incidents. You are making huge progress and should be so proud of all you doing to ensure your success. You know who you are and you know this puts you one step closer to achieving the ambition you sealed in that envelope! 

Gold Medal Athlete Visits!

2 May



The exciting confirmation came through this week that these two successful Paralympic athletes will be coming to visit Inspire students in the coming weeks and talking about their achievements (including winning Paralympic gold!). As part of Sky Sports Living Change Your Game programme, the athletes aim to encourage participation in sports, as well as improving motivation, leadership and boost confidence.

Students are currently undertaking research about the athletes and preparing questions for their visit. The day will be well documented, hopefully including photos and film, and this will contribute to our Inspire Summer Movie, showcasing the work form this term including the summer sports tournament and athlete visits.
Exciting and inspiring times ahead!

Book launch success

2 May


Thanks to all those who came along today – especially those who ordered a book. Your kind words and effort you made to attend was appreciated by the students who had worked so hard to create the book.
It was a proud moment for me to hear the students talking about the angle of the shot in their photography, or the story the photo told. Well done to all – keep this success going!

Change Your Game

1 May


Linking up with Sky Sports Living project this term to organise and run a sports tournament as a way of exploring the discipline, organisation, leadership and teamwork skills necessary. Students will design the event, promote it and run it on the day, taking on a variety of roles such as photographer, media, journalism, coach, referee etc.
Watch this space for more information about the event (which will happen in July).