The anger of the gods

9 Sep


I am filled with anger from the Gods, my soul gets tortured, imprisoned from the gods. The ungrateful gods who have used my spirit.

I give the world anger. A natural instinct. I will boil Zeus’s heart with my fiery spirit.

Pandora…ahh. I see her through the light. She is opening the box. I can see her beautiful hair and lovely blue eyes. She looks like she is the daughter of a god. Zeus!!

I will roam and fill his people full of anger and then turn on him.

Suddenly I breathe in the air. It is a lovely day. A lovely day to rain terror.

The sounds of children playing, people laughing, the smell of food coming from a neat row of homes. This is too good. Zeus is ruining the world and he doesn’t even know it. I can see a lady cooking, the smell is opening the world up in front of my eyes. Her beautiful hands, kneeding the soft dough…This is utterly awful and wonderful.

Hope must not fix what I shall do!

By Peter Wase


2 Responses to “The anger of the gods”

  1. Mr Atkins Angmering (@MrAtkinsPE) September 9, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    Well written Pete. A great understanding and expression of your theme! Sounds like you are writing this from your own experience of being released by Pandora!

  2. Lianne Allison September 23, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    There is such passion in your writing Peter. Well done. Mrs Allison

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