Grey taps and grey water – By Ellie Swain

6 Mar


I look out of my window in the morning. I see trees blowing through the wind lightly,and fences, grey fences, that have leaves stuck to them and spray painting on it. A broken trampoline sits, ruined, in the wind. It’s not very strong and has a hole in the middle. I can see a shed with lots of useless old stuff in it, crammed full, windows made of plastic and broken.
I move out of my bed slowly and start to walk down the stairs. I step on something sharp, it was bits of a bone. I sweep it off my foot and carry on walking down stairs. As I step down the last step I see the mess around the house but think nothing of it – that’s normal. I take a breath and walk into the dark kitchen and turn the tap on. I see the grey water coming out of the grey tap and I head to the cabinet and reach up to get a glass. I put the glass under the running water, then hear a loud bang. I turn around.


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