The strength of a daisy

14 Feb


A moving creative writing piece by Lacy Streeter

Dear Diary,
Today I was walking to school, just as I do every day. I was staring at the ground because I was thinking, how good would it be if my Mum and Dad never argued any more?
So I was thinking that, and looking down, down the gloomy, dark road, when suddenly I became wide eyed because I glanced at a peaceful daisy in the middle of the concrete path, it was bursting up, full of happy and sweet life through the tough road.
This made me feel really happy, but still, I wondered, how can this weak, pretty flower grow through a road so strong? I thought, as I walked and I realised: that daisy is the strong one, not the road.
That daisy is different and so am I. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re different. My parents may argue but I can burst through, just like the flower.


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