Journey of a ten pound note (Russell)

14 Feb


The ten pound note is resting in the till, waiting to be given to a new home. A man buys a pint of milk to take home to make some coffee to wake him up and is given the £10 in his change. He shoves it into his pocket with his keys.

8AM: He pulls out his keys and the £10 note falls out. It is swept away by an icy breeze.

10AM: The ten pound note lands in a dustbin where a homeless man comes to find food. He is digging around when the £10 note appears, caught on apiece of shiny metal. He grabs the tenner and runs straight to the shop to buy a cheese burger, chips and a coke. He is starving and eats it quickly. He hands the money over and the chip shop owner puts it in his pocket.

12PM: The chip shop owner is on his lunch break hanging the washing out to dry and the money falls from his pocket and blows into the neighbouring garden where two little boys are playing. One boy picks the note up and runs to show his Mum. The Mum takes the £10 note and treats the boys to more sweets than they have ever seen.

7PM: A man arrives at the corner shop to pick all the money up from the day, but the shop keeper pockets the £10 and keeps it for himself.

8PM: The shop keeper goes home, as he undresses for bed,the note falls out of his pocket and his dog hides it in his dog bed.

5AM: The shop keeper wakes up and goes to clean the dog blanket before work. He waves it outside to get rid of all the hair and dust. The £10 note flies into the trees and a small bird making his first nest uses it to make a cosy bed.

6AM: Tree cutters reducing the amount of shade in the park cut the tree down, the birds fly off to another tree to begin a new nest and the note flies away on the breeze. It flies to a nearby office.

7AM: The office workers arrive and find the money has flown through the window which has been left ajar overnight. They feel lucky they were not burgled. They decide to have a bet on the rugby game at the weekend. Closest bet on the winning score wins the tenner.

8AM: An office apprentice shreds the £10 accidentally with confidential papers he has been told to destroy.

That is the day of the £10 note.


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