Journey of a £10 note – By Tom Cottingham

14 Feb


Tom Cottingham imagines a 24 journey of a ten pound note.

6AM: The ten pound note flies out of a man’s hand in the high street outside the co-op. He runs after it and falls. An ambulance is called. No-one is sure if he will be OK.

10AM: An old woman, bent over in pain, hobbles to the Co-Op to collect her pension. She looks down at the ground because she is in pain and lonely. She sees the ten pound note and feels as though she has won the lottery.

2PM: The next day she went to co-op and she bought some tea and bread. The ten pound note gets put into the till, giving her two pound and twenty nine pence back. The next customer is a young child, spending their birthday money on sweets and chocolate. They use a crisp clean £20 note and get the ten pound note as change

6PM: The child is playing out in streets before dinner time and is playing bulldog in the alley ways with his friends. In one move, one of the bigger boys takes him down and holds him down, checking his pockets. He snatches the ten pound note and runs. The little boy screams and cries.

10pm: The older boy goes to a shop close to his home. He waits outside until a teenager meets him, just like every day, to buy him some booze. He knows he shouldn’t and he knows the teenager is taking more money than he should for the alcohol but the younger boy is so angry at his Mum that he can’t see any other way to feel better. The ten pound note goes into the till and the shopkeeper serves the teenager without asking for ID.

3AM: The husband of a pregnant woman arrives in the shop, looking panicky – he has got to buy her some chocolate and gherkins straight away, or else his wife will be mad. He hands over a twenty pound note to the cashier and doesn’t wait to get his change. The ten pound note falls to the floor.

6AM: The cleaner was washing the floor. She was 54 years old, she did this job because she needed the money to feed herself and her family. She quite liked the job but she had always wanted to do mechanics. If only she had worked harder at school. Then she saw a ten pound note in the middle of the floor and knew that this would make a big difference to her family. Maybe they could have a treat tonight, a takeaway, some sweets for the kids. She wondered if she would be caught and lose her job as she put it in her pocket.


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