Hope for supernatural – Rhiannon WIlliams

14 Feb


Rhiannon wrote about the fear of the unknown but how bravery can overcome fear.

When the ship crashed, there was smoke everywhere and screaming, and debris flying. As the panic subsided I saw an alien lying on the ground and it was injured. I knew that if it was seen it would be killed or at least captured, so I took it home to see what was wrong with it. I found out that it had lost its family in space. We went on an adventure to find them, the alien and I. We finally spotted them on the way to a black hole, they were about to be sucked in and lost forever! We went super speed in the alien’s silver space ship and we finally got them on board using the suction pads and the hover life boats.Then we managed to get out the way of the way of the approaching black hole. The alien was grateful and said he would never forget my kindness, and we went back to our own little worlds.


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