Heist – By Bruno Davies

14 Feb


Bruno’s stimulus was “I Just Can’t Wait”. From this starting point he created this fantastic thriller.

I just can’t wait. This plan has been coming together for a while now.
Many years of waiting. The ultimate heist.
If we pulled it off – we would be beyond rich.
I shake as we head to the museum. We go towards the roof and open the shutters. We see red lasers – we will have to disable them.
I drop down inside and I feel tense and worried, yet excited.
I manage to disable the alarms, my fingers shake, I steal the paintings and put them in the back of my truck.
Then we race – full speed down the road but there is a road block ahead.
They are searching cars! We are up next.
I am terrified as they search, my heart beats faster, will they find the paintings?
Then, as they lift the rug, I can’t take it any longer – I press the accelerator hard and speed away, leaving the flashing blue lights behind. There is a chase, we swerve, we skip red lights and we crash. My leg is trapped beneath the truck and I’m scared because I can’t feel my leg. I manage to crawl away and hide in the bushes – watching the police pass. Knowing I am safe, but not knowing if they found the paintings, I pass out.
The next thing I know I wake up and a man with a beard is bandaging my broken leg. It is agony but he looks as though he is on my side. My eyes close from the pain.


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