Fresh and crisp – Christian

14 Feb


My day started at 2AM, when I was shipped from the Bank of England, to North London. I was fresh and crisp, never been seen by anyone before been touched by the fresh air or sunlight.
I waited for the adventure that was in store. I was taken to Natwest and waited in large box. I didn’t like it much, it was dark, cold and lots of other, grubbier, less refined notes were stuffed in there too. I felt superior, like I was above them and knew better. They had germs, I could feel them in the air and tried not to breathe in too much.
Then I heard loud beeps and could see what the other notes called ‘the hand of destiny’ coming to grab me. The large metal claw thrust me out into the cold morning air. It was freezing cold, so cold it shocked me. The hand that grabbed me was smelly and rough. I didn’t trust him. I could tell by his hands that he wasn’t a nice person. He puts me in his pocket and zips it closed. It is rather claustrophobic. He reaches back into his pocket when an associate of his called “mate” needs a ‘lighter’. The thing called a lighter is removed and they use it to start a small fire and are burning things which smell awful. I had no idea what the men were doing but it seemed very silly. The smoke that was nearly choking me in the man’s pocket was coming out and they seemed to be deliberately breathing it in!
Just as I was feeling more secure and thinking I would rest in the pocket until dark, the man takes me out and gives me to “mate”, just like that. He seems to have taken something in exchange. How can he just reject me so quickly, can’t he see I’m much more valuable than anything “mate” has to offer? The man I only know as “mate” shoves me quickly into an old brown leather wallet. We shall see what tomorrow has in store.


2 Responses to “Fresh and crisp – Christian”

  1. Mr Bliss February 25, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    I like this, Christian! It’s got a goid twist. 🙂 Mr Bliss

    • Mr Bliss February 25, 2013 at 10:13 am #

      A GOOD twist of course!

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