At the airport (Amy Revell)

14 Feb


From his seat at an airport cafe, life unfolds around our protagonist as he describes what he can see. By Amy Revell.

So I’m sitting there at an airport for my wife waiting for her to come back from her holiday. Whilst I’m waiting, I’m having a nice hot cup of tea.
I go to take my first sip… and I look up to the sound of screaming. I can see a couple reunited, they run for each other and fling their arms round each other. This makes me happy.
I start to look around and see a little boy with his teddy looking out the window watching all the planes flying up high into the air. It reminds me of a time I was that amazed by planes in the sky.
I’m sitting there and I see an old man looking at his watch getting very sweaty, he keeps looking at the door. Maybe he is waiting for someone. Then he starts to cry and I watch him out the corner of my eye just to check he is okay, just to check this stranger is OK. I look around and see a guard running after a man with brown hair and a giant suitcase. I don’t trust him. Maybe he stole something, maybe he will be caught.
To my left an elderly man is eating a chocolate chip cookie and drinking a delicious hot chocolate. I am jealous. I imagine that he was waiting for someone. Maybe they will come, maybe not, maybe they never existed. And then from around the corner, through the crowd I see my wife, she walks through the door and I feel as excited as the first time I saw her. I jump up and run to her.


One Response to “At the airport (Amy Revell)”

  1. Miss Loversidge March 21, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    Well written and thoughtful Amy. Interesting to think about all those people with their own stories, especially in a busy airport.

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