A waiting grave by Peter Wase

14 Feb


Peter’s short story about a man caught up in gang violence.

Dan… He is soooo Violent… The blood he has shed is so much I’ve seen it dribble from his soul… But his past is just utterly tragic.
These days, one minute he’s bashing a skull with a brick. The next he’s getting his skull smashed with a brick.
But he’s such a kind man. He was a full time teacher, also a single father. I remember seeing him kill a man to save his son’s life. That was the first time he snapped. He was put in Jail for 6Years to save his son from death. He lost everything because that one moment. But now…
He just needs to stop the fighting. He’s going crazy. He’s so lonely, his best friend’s a POTATO!!! LITERALLY!!!
He might die… He’s got a grave for him…. In the Graveyard… It’s just waiting. And not for long.


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