Graffiti unit Autumn 2012

3 Feb






Here is a selection of the graffiti artwork produced by Year 9 last term. The images were either hand drawn or adapted from existing images in photoshop to create a black and white simple image. This was printed onto card and used as a stencil where the black was cut out and the white remained as the solid part of the stencil. Using craft knives, students cut the shape of the stencil into acetate to produce a long lasting stencil which could be reused without the paint making it soggy.
Finally, the paint was sprayed over the image to complete the picture. Some spraying was also done freehand as you can see.
Students were, rightly, incredibly proud of their work and exhibited a large selection of images to staff, students, family and friends in an evening exhibition fully planned and run by the students, right down to music played and food and drink served. Students wore smart clothes and beamed as their work was praised by all. A great night.


One Response to “Graffiti unit Autumn 2012”

  1. Lianne Allison February 4, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

    There is so much talent in our school. You all make me feel so proud to know you – incredible work!

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